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Your 1:1 support really made a huge difference

Dear Libby,

I wanted to write and thank you for all of your help with our new baby, Ailsa.

Having left hospital unable to breastfeed, Ailsa is now fully breastfed and gaining weight well. She is also a lot more content and has a relatively regular sleep routine. Having a couple of hours of your 1:1 support really made a huge difference in helping give me the confidence and techniques to continue successful breastfeeding.  You also gave us valuable knowledge in what to expect from a newborn baby and how to cope with the changes we might encounter. 

Without your service, I am not sure we would have been able to access the same level of support. 

Thank you once again.

Best wishes,

Kirstin, Tom and Ailsa

Thank you for your great support

I had been struggling with breast feeding for a number of weeks when I received support from Libby. I really appreciated her non judgmental, gentle approach, combined with great pieces of practical advice. I went on to feed my daughter for nine months with no problems. Thank you for your great support.


Thanks a million for such helpful, relevant and applicable advice

Hi Libby

Just to say thanks a million for such helpful, relevant and applicable advice. What you said all makes total sense and has really reassured me. I really feel like we have turned the corner, so thank you.

Best wishes




Libby was very knowledgeable, calm and immensely supportive to us during a really challenging time

I left hospital unable to breast feed our new baby, Theo, and contacted Libby for help, as I really wanted to be able to feed him and give him the best possible start. Libby was fantastic and provided initial support to us on the telephone whilst I was still in hospital and subsequently came to visit us at home. This support proved to be invaluable to us and I am delighted to say that Theo is now fully breastfed and gaining weight (rapidly). Libby was very knowledgeable, calm and immensely supportive to us during a really challenging time, for which we are very grateful; I am certain we would not have got this far without her help. I would highly recommend Libby’s services to any new family that needs advice or support.

Best wishes

Becca, Lee and (a well fed) Theo

Becca, Lee and Theo

I am so grateful for Libby's help, I didn't think I would be ever able to breastfeed my baby


Libby gave me the confidence to carry on breastfeeding when I was on the verge of giving up, and I am happy to say that 5 weeks later I am still fully breastfeeding my baby.

Libby helped me with the breastfeeding positions, taught me that breastfeeding should not be painful and gave me tips on how to spot the correct latch. Libby also gave me all the information on how to store expressed breast milk and on introducing routine of sleep.

I am so grateful for her help, I didn’t think I would be ever able to breastfeed my baby

Kasia and Dexter

Baby Massage Course

The massage course with Libby was excellent. She is so knowledgeable and supportive throughout the sessions, we would highly recommend her. We have learned a valuable skill to use for both bonding with, and to benefit our baby’s development that we use everyday.

N D - Bognor Regis

Gentle Sleep Coaching

Libby helped us with great care, understanding and kindness. She listened to what we needed and created a completely bespoke plan that fitted our needs. Included was a really helpful suggested sleep/feeding schedule, which was invaluable. Libby then went on to offer repeated and in-depth advice over email and telephone.

I am very grateful for the incredible generosity with which Libby supported us to make the changes we needed.


D, G and baby N - Barcelona

Holistic Gentle Sleep Coaching

The last few days demonstrated to us that the routine, and our understanding of baby I’s needs, are effective. Last week baby I slept through the entire night for the first time – a huge success! Mostly we have otherwise had just one or two wake ups. In short we feel you have given us the knowledge and support we need to handle baby’s sleep moving forward. Thank you so much.

We will certainly be back in touch should further issues arise.

with best wishes

C, K and baby I Surrey

Holistic Sleep Coaching

We are really happy to be moving in the right direction. Thank you so much for all the advice you gave both for now and also in the future.

The emails you sent pre consultation really helped give me confidence to consider egg allergy. We are due to see the paediatrician in a month but saw the dietician recently who also agreed it is a likely allergy.

I thoroughly enjoyed your visit to our home and felt more confident and reassured that I was doing ok at this mothering thing after your visit and report with recommendations.

The letter was very helpful and has given me something to return to on a regular basis to keep me on track.

Thank you for all your support, you truly are a fantastic listener and always gave judgement free support. Judgement free support is a very rare thing for mothers I find, but invaluable when received.

Thank you

M, J and baby F - Farnham

Postnatal Breastfeeding Support

Thank you so much for all of this advice . Thank you too for your visit on Thursday, it was so good for me to speak with you, to hear your opinion, and to have some support to get things in the right direction. As you know, this entire situation has been entirely overwhelming and upsetting for me and it was good to hear some positive things as opposed to just feeling like I’ve let my baby  down. Your calm and reassuring manner is so lovely.

We will work on everything you have suggested – cranial osteopath and exercises – and all the other recommendations. The expressing bra is a life changer!

I’ll keep you posted on how we’re getting on. Thanks so much again.

C - Hampshire

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