Sleep Clinic – Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you need to see my child?

A.  No, it is you, the parents and carers I need to speak to, so I can guide and support you, until you have reached your goal.

Q. Do you do home visits at night?

A. No

  • My approach is to give you the skills to manage the sleep training yourselves. This helps to build your confidence in handling your child’s behaviour, which as a bonus, will impact positively on their daytime behaviour as well.
  • It is important for your child to see you taking control of the situation.
  • Should you encounter sleep problems in the future, due to circumstances such as a holiday or an illness, the knowledge and skills you will have acquired during your sleep training, will enable you to quickly get back on track.
  • It is best that a child’s own parents teach them such an important skill for life!

Q. Will I have to do controlled crying?

A.  No I use other techniques that are available

Q. What happens if I need more support /consultation time?

A. I offer 20 minute top-up sessions by telephone but these are not usually required as the majority of sleep problems are resolved within the package.

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