Best Start Sleep Package


Age Group

Babies 4 weeks to 5 months

Package Duration

4 Weeks

This Best Start package comprises of:

  • A one-and-a-half-hour appointment in the privacy of your own home
  • Assessment of current sleep information (sleep diary, parental questionnaire and feeding chart***) provided by you prior to the appointment*
  • Following the appointment, a full report including suggested sleep strategy, which is holistic and gentle, will be sent to you*
  • Four follow-up support emails

Note: Please contact Libby before paying to discuss suitability and availability.

About this package

The aim of the appointment will be to discuss healthy sleep habits and gentle methods to help lengthen your newborn’s day and night sleep.

Although it is to be expected that newborn babies will not be sleeping through the night, we will discuss age appropriate sleep requirements and sleep goals for each stage of development during the first 5 months, so you can get your newborn off to the right start. We will discuss your current challenges and how to “gently” remedy them.

This is designed for parents of babies aged 4 weeks up to 5 months. information will be provided regarding normal sleep and sleep requirements of babies of this age (with information regarding sleep hygiene and commencing a bedtime routine). Then an individualised sleep plan will be devised with the aim to lay a healthy foundation for the newborn baby, which will get them off to the best start and allow them to grow into great sleepers.

During this appointment your baby’s sleep pattern will be discussed and assessed using information you will have provided in a parental questionnaire and sleep diary*** (and feeding chart) which will have been sent to you in advance of the appointment (and sent back in order for it to be assessed prior to the appointment).

Following this a tailored holistic gentle sleep plan; developed specifically for your baby, your family, your particular problem, will then be produced and you will be provided with a written outline of your plan.

Also included:

There will be then 4 follow up emails to provide ongoing support.

What you need to know

*** Once the initial Consultation has been booked you will be sent a parents questionnaire and sleep diary to complete for a week prior to the appointment.

Parents of children under the age of one year will also be sent a feeding chart to complete.

This questionnaire and diary (and feeding chart if applicable) should be sent by email to Mulberry Cottage Baby Consultancy before 4 pm on the day prior to the day of the initial consultation in order that we have an idea of the particular sleep problem and we can get the most out of the Initial consultation. (see Terms and Conditions).

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